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Weddings cause a lot of pleasant troubles not only for the bride, but also for the groom. One of the main tasks of the groom is to find a witness. The witness is, in fact, a close friend of the groom. He is a man whom the groom trusts completely, and he is glad to see him.

The witness at the wedding is a special guest. When choosing a witness, one should pay attention to the fact that he or she would be drinking alcohol at a minimum. On this important day, you have a great responsibility for the witness. He performs special duties. First of all, he provides moral support to the groom. The witness should have a sense of humor and be able to join the company, and feel free to do so. During the wedding, he will have to participate in many contests, help the groom during the bride price, etc. After painting in the courtroom, the witness helps the witness to pour champagne into the glasses and distribute it to the guests.

Witnesses and witnesses are often chosen by choice. Namely, there is an omen that the witness and witnesses should not be burdened with family life. Both of these people should not see anyone.

After painting in the courtroom, witnesses go with the young people to take pictures and wear their personal belongings.

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