Wedding presents

You’ve been invited to the wedding – the eternal question – what to give? The most important thing that should be taken into account is the uniqueness of the gift and sincerity in its choice. Only in this case, visiting their ten-year anniversary, you will notice it in a prominent place in the apartment of […]

Witness Choice

Weddings cause a lot of pleasant troubles not only for the bride, but also for the groom. One of the main tasks of the groom is to find a witness. The witness is, in fact, a close friend of the groom. He is a man whom the groom trusts completely, and he is glad to […]

What are wedding bags like?

The most important condition for a purse to meet, such as jewelry and shoes, is to create a harmonious image in combination with a wedding dress in form, style, fabric, finish. Clutches can be bright – which will successfully emphasize, for example, bright shoes. In any case, all accessories should be selected only after the […]


Wedding is a ritual of combining two people in a marriage, and it is, of course, one of the most beautiful holidays. Different peoples of the world have a lot of beliefs and rituals related to the wedding. Believers accompany the wedding ceremony with different religious rites, such as weddings or Nicahs. A lot of […]

Bouquet for the bride

Bouquet of the bride is one of the main components of an elegant wedding costume. Bouquet of the bride during a walk after the zags always be in her hands, respectively, will be captured in many photos. The bouquet should be ordered by the groom. But since he may not pick it up under the […]

Wedding day in the Far East

The geese are long-awaited guests at a Korean wedding. The bride will not receive the status of wife, not having withstood the ceremony of acquaintance with the parents of her future husband. As a blessing, the girl receives a red date menu – a symbol of fertility. Previously, the bride’s groom asked for a hand […]

How to Choose a Wedding Suit

Perfect suit should not create inconvenience when moving, should not pressurize. But this does not mean that it should hang. It is recommended to sew a wedding costume to order. It is this version of the costume will sit on you perfectly, as it will be sewn to your size. If you buy a suit, […]

Wedding Restaurant – where to choose

Here’s the application, the date is set, and you understand that the wedding machine has started its work. In addition to other organizational issues, you are faced with the fact that you need to choose a good restaurant to hold such an important event. Of course, much depends on your resources and capabilities. Not every […]

Celebratory decoration of the hall

The decoration of the hall plays an important role in creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere of celebration and fun. The bride and groom should think about decorating the hall in advance. Will they decorate the hall themselves with the help of young guests, or apply to special agencies. A large number of balloons are […]